Life is flies.

Our time on this planet is limited,

keep your information available and ready to share!

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Schedule emails as of your life insurance, just to be safe.

We never know when we will be called to the afterlife. When that happens, who will keep track of your personal accounts, assets, investments, cryptocurrencies or any other information that only you may know? Who will know about your last wishes, wills, beneficiaries or final arrangements? Who to contact?

WishMail born to ensure peace of mind for your active life; a preventive way to keep your information and last wishes reachable to the people you care of.

Get status updates

Stay current with text, email and call notifications about your upcoming emails.

Let them know

Be certain that your emails will be delivered to your recipients on time.


All your data is secured. Check out below       link if you want to learn more:            Security and privacy

WishMail is for all ages!

  • Singles

    Great for young people!

    No longer living with your parents? Did you move to a different state or country because of work? Are you an adventurous soul that travel around the world?

    WishMail fits your active and exited life. Since our journey is full of surprises (good and bad), it will be worth to prepare ourselves by scheduling emails and decide when is time to be delivered.

  • Couples

    Family, our biggest treasure.

    Family is the most important in life and WishMail knows it. The main reason why WishMail is born is to safeguard and ensure that in case of a disaster, the family gets aware of all they need to know after a loved one is gone. Share wills, documents and even videos with your last wishes.

    Do not wait until is too late.

  • Seniors

    Always be prepared.

    Life is about memories; we wish those memories never go away. Schedule messages to your kids, grand kids, friends, expressing how wonderful was enjoying the journey with them. The laughs, the hugs, the tears. WishMail is simple to use and with our mobile app is even better.

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$4.99 Monthly.
  • 1 Scheduled emails
  • 1 Email template
  • Receive updates by email
  • Include attachments
  • Attach : txt, pdf, jpeg, jpg, office files 
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Max. size per attachment 10 MB
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$9.99 Monthly. Value
  • 5 Scheduled emails
  • 5 Email templates 
  • Receive updates by email, text
  • Include attachments
  • Attach : txt, pdf, jpeg, jpg, office files
  • Skip feature by SMS
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Max. size per attachment 10 MB
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$14.99 Monthly.
  • 25 Scheduled emails
  • 25 Email templates
  • Receive updates by email, text, phone
  • Include attachments
  • Attach : txt, pdf,  jpeg, jpg, png office            files, compressed files, videos 
  • Skip feature by SMS
  • Skip feature by Phone
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Max. size per attachment 10 MB
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WishMail explained in 3 simple steps

  1. Create your emails

    Compose your email and assign your recipient.

  2. Include your attachments

    Add any attachments if is required.

  3. Set and get reminded

    Schedule the date to be delivered.

Life would have been different if people involved in fatal accidents had had WishMail.

  • Photo Shape Editor:
    “My biggest hobby is traveling. Every time I left home I pray for my safety return. Wishmail behaves as my communication insurance in case something goes wrong.”
    Sue Carroll
  • Photo Shape Editor:
    “As a police officer, I never know when something can go wrong and my wife doesn't like to talk about it. Wishmail give me the opportunity to write my last wishes in case something happens to me. Thank you for this great idea.”
    Ethan Flores
    Police Officer- Chicago, IL
  • Photo Shape Editor
    “I never thought about how fragile life is; thanks to wishmail, my family will be able to have access to all the accounts I handle in case I'm gone.”
    Steve Rodriguez
    Designer - New York